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I was going through my photography folder in my gallery and I realized I may never have updated you guys on my sexuality / Gender Identity adventures.

For those of you who don't know; there was an interesting period of my life when I was very confused who I was. Something inside wasn't lining up and I felt very confused, conflicted, and alone. I am biologically female, but for a while I felt very much like my sex was incorrect. This identity I named "Erik". Erik stuck around for quite a while. The summer after I graduated high school I even cut my hair super short and looking into buying a binder to begin transitioning slowly into a male gender identity. (I'd always been boyish so my parents just figured I was being tomboyish again). I identified at this time as "two-spirit" (other times as FTMPreOp).

And then the strangest thing happened. I went to a gynecologist (lady-part doctor) and was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome). My ovaries don't work right resulting in extreme imbalances of hormones that creates all sorts of issues through out my body. I naturally create more androgen (male hormones) than I do estrogen (female hormones). I was placed on Metformin and oral contraceptives to control the hormones and stop the cysts from getting bigger. A few months after starting the pills to balance my hormones out I noticed I didn't really feel so masculine anymore. I felt more and more like a cis female and am no longer uncomfortable in my own body.

*This isn't to say that other persons who are transitioning are just hormone imbalanced and should be put on medicine to be binary normal, it's just what happened to me.

As to my sexuality; I came out in 8th grade as a bisexual. My mother told me it was just a phase that "everyone goes through, you'll be fine." ahaha, well mom you weren't wrong; it was a phase for myself I just didn't come out of it het like you thought. No, I'm a lesbian. (*I don't discredit bisexuality and believe it's a phase. My girlfriend is bisexual. But I do believe most of us go through a sort of bisexual phase where we are becoming aware of our sexualities, hetero or homo or what have you, and explore curiosities.)

To anyone who would ask "How do you know? Did you ever have sex with a guy?" Shut up. Shut. The. Hell. Up. Do you go around asking heterosexual people "Are you sure you're straight? Have you even tried to have sex with some one your own sex?" Bam. And anyway, yes. I have had sex with a guy. But that was long after I had accepted my sexuality as a lesbian. My choice to have sex with him was out of curiosity and to make it impossible for people to ask me that. Now I can look them dead in the eye and say "Yeah, but women are better."

So there's my update if you happen to go through  my gallery and find all the work that has my old alt. ego Erik hanging around or about my bisexuality. I'm a happy cissexual lesbian.
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